Cloud computing provides an economically sound, flexible IT solution for businesses. For start ups, the radical customization options and pay-per-use characteristics of the cloud can be an ideal fit.

PC World reports on a genetics research company that experienced substantial benefits after moving to the cloud. When research genetics, especially in conjunction with work on major diseases such as cancer, scientists must evaluate and analyze exhaustive collections of genetic codes.

Cloud computing solutions have made it possible for the company to develop an automated system, allowing the company to completely analyze genetic sequences in a matter of hours. This also provides better services for the customer, as they end up paying for less as projects are completed faster.

Alindrina Mangubat, CEO of the genetics company, told the news source, "we're a small startup that realistically just started development three months ago. What we've been able to accomplish is huge. We think this kind of technology will be crucial for ushering in an age of advanced, personalized medicine."

Small Business Trends calls cloud computing a technology that is shaping small businesses in the 21st century. SaaS and other cloud services are so successful in SMBs because the technology requires a minimal up-front investment while providing flexible services that can grow with a business.