Sales of cloud-based IT infrastructure are expected to climb as a result of the platform's surging popularity. According to a new report by International Data Corporation, sales of the major technological bases of cloud computing, servers, will display a compound annual growth rate of 22.4 percent per year.

This boom will lead to higher revenues for server manufacturers, states the report. By 2015, sales to the public sectors are predicted to amount to $3.6 billion, while revenues from servers designated for private enterprise models are predicted to be $5.8 billion.

The report found the main difference between the public and private server installments is the complexity of the workloads each will handle. However, each shares the common goal of optimizing cloud infrastructures and outsourcing IT information to a web-hosted service.

"Offloading some of the more mundane tasks to the cloud (public or private) and freeing up manpower to focus on adding value to the business is critical to driving cloud adoption," said Katie Broderick, a senior research analyst with IDC.

At the recent Uptime Institute conference, it was found data centers with cloud strategies are looking for both functionality and energy efficiency.