A recent survey conducted by a cloud storage and data protection provider found approximately half of IT professionals have plans to utilize cloud computing technology for data storage.

The survey, which polled approximately 230 IT professionals, covered a variety of industries, including education, government, technology, financial services and manufacturing.

According to the survey, approximately 49 percent of respondents plan to adopt cloud computing solutions because they offer dynamic growth and can help to reduce IT expenses.

Forty-four percent said they plan to utilize the cloud for backup purposes, while 38 percent indicated they were interested in using cloud storage for data archiving.

The survey also found security and privacy were the concerns preventing the largest number of companies from adopting cloud services. Approximately 60 percent of respondents indicated these concerns are the largest barriers to further cloud adoption.

The desire of many IT professionals to adopt cloud computing reiterates the findings of a recent Unisys survey. The survey indicates cloud computing is a top investment priority for most IT organizations in 2011.