Leading companies in booming sectors of the economy could improve their processes by introducing well-deployed and researched cloud solutions, according to a recent CIO report.

The cloud has been stigmatized for providing poor security for companies; however, the report indicated the cloud could be safer than many systems currently practiced by businesses.

Organizations that use the cloud for their processes have their data on hosted servers that are “transparent on the outside,” the report relays. While this idea may cause hesitation from some business leaders, those who become comfortable with the concept and understand how cloud computing works, often see that “it’s actually a much more secure environment for the bulk of companies.”

Business executives who say they don’t need the cloud because they don’t share information externally may not be looking at the big picture, according to CIO. An increasing number of companies have mobile employees who work from remote locations. Technological advancements have enabled business employees to complete work through their smartphone, tablet device or laptop, without requiring them to be physically present in the office.

To increase workers’ efficiency, companies need to find solutions that will allow their employees to access data quickly and with more flexibility, the news provider reports. Cloud-based solutions can provide businesses with a convenient way for professionals to access necessary work information at any time of the day. The ability to host data and appications in the cloud through IaaS and SaaS tools can boost productivity more effectively than traditional in-house setups.

Scalability continues to be a driving force for the cloud, as businesses have recognized the benefits of being able to increase or downsize their services based on their needs. As companies grow, they can quickly increase their platform, and as they gain more customers, they can obtain more infrastructure from a vendor to support their expansion. Similarly, when companies require more storage, they can conveniently add space without purchasing new costly equipment, according to the report.

More businesses and government agencies, which have recognized the benefits of the cloud, have deployed SaaS, IaaS and PaaS solutions to help improve their productivity and reduce their expenses. The expected growth of the cloud industry has many experts projecting high revenues for the entire IT sector. A recent Gartner report found worldwide enterprise IT spending will grow by 2.9 percent and eclipse $2.4 trillion this year.ADNFCR-2553-ID-19932505-ADNFCR