As businesses migrate their data to the cloud, many find their current IT resources are not sufficient for virtualization. Potential solutions to this problem are enterprise applications that are cloud-enabled.

According to a study by CDW, a wide array of business-critical applications are now deployed by cloud users. Of the 1,200 IT professionals and technology decision-makers surveyed, 50 percent of those currently leveraging the platform use email capabilities and 39 percent have a virtual file storage application.

Other popular applications include videoconferencing, at 32 percent, and online learning, at 34 percent, stated the report.

These applications play a big role in reducing IT costs for businesses which, according to experts, is one of the main advantages of the platform.

"The potential to cut costs while maintaining or even enhancing computing capabilities for end-users presents a compelling case for investment in cloud computing," said David Cottingham, a senior director at CDW.

As the virtual application market grows so too will the need for interoperability between platforms. Forrester Research analyst James Staten believes that this will give rise to more open source clouds, according to PC World.