Experts say that the Asia-Pacific region is lagging behind the United States and Europe in its cloud adoption efforts. Countries looking to bring the platform to their shores may follow the lead of Australia.

Recently, a survey by Frost & Sullivan, entitled State of Cloud Computing in Australia: 2011, found that Australia is currently the most cloud-savvy country in the region, with a large number of its business already practicing some form of virtualized computing.

Upon closer inspection, the survey revealed that Aussie IT professionals deployed the three major cloud models – public, private and hybrid. Of the three, most businesses have taken to the hybrid format, as the study found half of the current cloud users currently conduct computing operations through a mix of private and public services.

One of the major findings of the study was that Australian IT professionals will either spend the same amount of money on the cloud in 2011 or devote more of their technology budgets to the platform.

Large companies may spearhead the cloud movement in Australia. According to a study by Australian IT, 50 percent of the corporations surveyed were planning to move some business functions to the cloud.