According to a recent AMI-Partners study, companies that deploy tablet devices as part of their IT solutions are more likely to utilize cloud computing solutions, such as SaaS.

Since the launch of the Apple iPad in April 2010, tablet devices have achieved mass popularity. Some analysts initially viewed the devices as primarily useful for consumer entertainment, but a growing number of businesses are incorporating tablets as part of their IT infrastructure.

According to the study, companies that have deployed tablet devices are approximately 20 percent more likely to utilize SaaS than other firms. In addition, the study found businesses with tablets are approximately 50 percent more likely to utilize cloud-based document collaboration tools.

The connection between tablets and the cloud may be a natural one. Tablets are small, portable, light and constantly connected to the internet, through wireless networks and mobile carrier services. This makes them highly suitible for IT solutions, such as SaaS and cloud computing, that involve accessing data, applications and services remotely.

Apple recently launched the second version of its popular iPad tablet device. Since the release of the original iPad, a variety of competitors have emerged, including the Samsung Galaxy Tab, the Notion Ink Adam and the soon-to-be-released Research In Motion BlackBerry PlayBook.