Experts say small- and medium-sized businesses stand to gain the most from cloud computing, as it may allow them to reduce costs, remotely access information and grow their IT technology in a quick manner. However, a recent study by Newtek claims that SMB education on the platform is sorely lacking, as only a quarter of U.S. businesses currently understand what virtual data could mean for their enterprise operations.

In the study, three-quarters of responding businesses claimed to have no idea about the cloud or what it can do.

However, those who are aware of cloud computing are not concerned about security. Of businesses who have heard of the platform, 78 percent believed that information stored within its architecture was secure. Still, it remains that a large majority of SMBs are not informed about the additional security that the cloud could offer their company’s data.

"Our survey this month is quite telling about what independent business owners really need to know about the cloud and how misinformed they are about data safety and security," said Barry Sloane, CEO of Newtek.

However, this trend may soon turn around. According to a recent study by AMI Research, SMBs with cloud strategies are expected to allocate an extra 10 percent of their technology budgets to hosted services in 2011.