University students tasked with group projects may be empowered by the cloud, as the computing architecture allows multiple people to access information from different computer systems. According to the Las-Cruces Sun News, New Mexico State University recently announced its plans to bring the new technology to its campuses.

In an effort to save on IT resources, NMSU technology decision-makers decided the cloud would be a viable solution. The news source claims the platform may save the higher learning center $300,000 over the next four years and will eliminate the $90 fee students currently have to pay for university-licensed software as part of their tuition.

Aside from reducing IT expense, students and professors at the university feel certain educational processes will be made easier by the cloud.

"The university is moving to an email system that includes Microsoft Live," Shaun Cooper, CIO and vice president at NMSU, told the media outlet.. "For our students, it also means they have 25 gigabytes of storage they don't have to carry around in their pocket on a thumb drive."

University-based clouds can also be devoted to academic research purposes. The University of California San Diego recently announced its medical school has begun cloud computing to test out collaborative processes between different healthcare organizations.