Cloud computing is increasing in populairty by the day for established businesses, but one CEO said that companies that are just starting up are the businesses that will see an immediate impact from the technology.

Richard Soley, chairman and CEO of Object Management Group, said in an interview with TechTarget that "capital-poor" startups can benefit the most from the flexibility and access that cloud computing provides their business, but it may take a bit more work for companies that are already established.

“The issue is the legacy. And it’s not just moving your legacy applications to the cloud - it’s how to integrate what’s running on public cloud with the computing resources that are still in your own shop, either because of the legacy or the security concerns, or you just haven’t had the time to move them," Soley said. He also said there should be more available software solutions for businesses looking to make a full conversion in the near future.

According to Mimecase, seven out of 10 companies using cloud computing services plan to move additional applications to the cloud. Most plan to make this move within the next year, the report says.