As smartphones become more popular, businesses providing employees with a company mobile phone may have to take several steps to assure their enterprise information is protected.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the integration of advanced mobile devices should be a central security concern for information technology professionals. The information housed on these smartphones can range from personal contact information to business finance data, which may need to be cleared remotely.

"Since these are small devices and are easily misplaced or stolen, it is vital for a company to have the ability to wipe company-sensitive information," Ramon Baez, CIO of Kimberly-Clark Corp., told the media organization.

The news source reported that simple preventative measures can be taken by employees, such as lock-screen passwords for smartphones and their applications.

Another alternative may be data virtualization. Not only will cloud-based applications be readily accessible on mobile devices, they may also be more secure.

According to Data Center Knowledge, mobile application information that is stored in the cloud is closely monitored by a third-party service provider. These services often include extensive firewall protection for the cloud, thereby blocking downloaded app information from cyber attacks.