A major hurdle for companies making the leap to the cloud is the perceived lack of security.

According to NetworkWorld’s Andreas Antonopoulos, security is what will ultimately save the cloud. Security will place companies above others and will be the single, most profitable differentiator.

Although the cloud is hard to define at times, the financial benefits are what sets it apart. Some companies are rushing to provide any type of Infrastructure-as-a-Service, but this may not be the most profitable way to the cloud.

“Security is like a liquor license to a restaurant - an opportunity to up sell each customer with a high-profit margin product to balance out the dismal or loss-leading margins of the core product,” wrote Antonopoulos. “Security is brand-sensitive, labor-intensive, infinitely customizable and difficult to scale.”

Security may help companies earn more money in the cloud, but spending and revenue is expected to increase. According to research by IDC, cloud computing revenue is expected to nearly triple from 2009 to 2014, increasing from $11.1 billion to $29.5 billion.