Customer relationship management solution leader and VMware, a global leader in cloud hosting, recently announced that they are working together on a cloud computing project that will host Java applications. The cloud will be open to any company that can work its program into Salesforce's database.

The project, called VMforce, is expected to reach completion in the second half of 2010 and will make it easier for companies to develop Java applications. Developers have struggled to develop Java applications in the cloud without a clear platform to do so.

VMforce will help push Java, which revolutionized the IT industry, into the cloud at a cost far lower than expected; it is unclear, however, how much storing these applications will cost.

"There are over six million developers who know Java," CEO Marc Benioff said. "It has transformed this industry and brought enterprises onto the internet. But enterprise Java developers don't have a clear path into the cloud." is among the most widely praised organizations currently operating in the cloud. It has recently received awards for its cloud computing innovation and dedication to its employees and community.ADNFCR-2553-ID-19747573-ADNFCR