In an increasingly digital world, companies are creating and storing rapidly growing volumes of data. As organizations' data storage needs continue to grow, many are likely to begin utilizing cloud-based data storage solutions, according to a recent Computerworld report.

Worldwide, users are creating approximately 15 petabytes of new data every day, according to the report. The rapid growth in global data volumes necessitates data storage solutions that are cost-efficient, flexible and easily accessible, the report said.

In recent years, many companies began adopting cloud storage services in order to save money, add flexibility and enable scalability in their storage systems. According to the report, this phenomenon is likely to continue in 2011, with many more companies looking to the cloud as a reliable, efficient and cost-effective data storage solution.

In addition to offering flexibility and scalability, cloud storage services also enable companies to back up their data on servers located off-site. According to a recent Aberdeen Group study, approximately 66 percent of companies considering cloud services view disaster recovery as a key motivating factor.