A growing number of organizations are investing in mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, for their employees. According to a recent Data Center Knowledge report, cloud computing is central to the growth in enterprise smartphone and tablet use.

A key benefit that mobile devices bring to business is the ability for employees to access their data and applications from any location. In order to leverage this potential, applications and data need to be configured in a way that enables access from mobile devices.

According to the report, cloud computing enables the flexibility that make mobile devices useful. In particular, cloud-based storage solutions allow businesses to store all data on a cloud vendor's server.

Cloud computing also minimizes the importance of capacity and power on which applications are run and data accessed. According to the report, "in a mobile cloud computing scenario, both mobile apps and data are stored and run directly from the cloud, increasing the relevancy of network servers, data center infrastructure and efficient network delivery while decreasing the importance of the storage capacity and processing power of the end-user device itself."

A recent ReadWriteWeb report noted similar features of the mobile cloud. According to that report, cloud computing can turn "cell phones into urban supercomputers."