Historically, smaller companies often struggle to keep up with larger ones because they do not have the capital resources to deploy a competitive technological infrastructure. According to a recent Hindustan Times report, cloud computing is changing this by removing the need for internal IT architecture and closing the gap between small businesses and major corporations.

The report said 2010 was marked by the widespread deployment of the cloud, but the cloud's impact was limited because companies were still figuring out how to use the maturing technology. This is set to change in 2011 because many businesses have established the cloud and are comfortable using it.

According to the report, security issues were one major factor slowing the cloud's impact. However, in 2011, companies could begin designing cloud-specific security platforms, removing that barrier.

"The proliferation of cloud-based computer services would happen in the next two years as customization and localization of software solutions happen at a larger scale," Nitin Khanapurkar, executive director at an IT consultancy, told the news source.

In a recent report from Federal News Radio, Ed Meagher, vice president of healthcare strategy at CSC said cloud computing's growth in 2010 was remarkable. However, Meagher anticipates 2011 will feature an even greater expansion for the technology.