Information technology infrastructure has traditionally been seen as expensive, complicated and high-maintenance. According to a recent BBC News report, however, cloud computing offers companies a way to utilize high-power computing technology with minimal fuss.

In traditional IT models, companies looking to deploy IT infrastructure needed to expend considerable capital on servers and software licenses, according to the report. In addition, a technology team was often needed to maintain all of the complicated software and hardware infrastructure.

Cloud computing, according to the report, enables companies to go "from zero to server in 30 seconds."

Lanham Napier, chief executive of a cloud computing company, told BBC News that, "12 years ago, it took a company six to eight weeks to commission a server." Cloud computing, he said, enables a company to commission a server in a matter of seconds, "to innovate and grow faster," Napier said.

The speed, scalability and versatility offered by cloud computing have been widely recognized by many companies. According to a recent BDO study, the vast majority of technology businesses have already begun implementing cloud-based solutions.