Many companies that utilize managed cloud services would like to see a greater degree of application-to-application integration, according to a recent Sys-Con Media report.

Cloud computing enables many organizations to implement scalable, flexible and cost-effective IT solutions. Some companies considering adopting cloud-based solutions are concerned about lack of interoperability and A2A integration.

According to the report, some businesses fear that despite the cloud's benefits, adoption could lead to greater costs in the future because of vendor lock-in.

Increased interoperability, according to the report, would enable organizations to shift service providers with relative ease. It would also allow for better integration between SaaS and traditional applications.

According to the report, greater interoperability would be beneficial to clients because it would prevent vendor lock-in. In addition, cloud service providers may stand to benefit from greater A2A integration, since this may attract more businesses to the cloud.

Cloud computing is already experiencing rapid growth. According to a recent Unisys poll, IT organizations view cloud computing as the top investment priority for 2011.