While storing data has always been a bit tricky for businesses due to cost and recovery time, it seems as though many are finding solace in cloud computing. A recent survey by TwinStrata showed that nearly three-quarters of companies that use the cloud believe they could recover their data within 24 hours.

This survey, which was done at the Cloud Computing Expo in New York, also showed that 73 percent of companies have already implemented some form of cloud computing, with 28 percent having the cloud for three or more years. Those who don't use cloud computing are less able to recover data quickly, as only 62 percent of non-cloud users said they could recover their data within a day compare to 72 percent of cloud users. TwinStrata's survey also shows that smaller companies are taking to the cloud due to the cost and ease of use.

"Smaller organizations are turning to cloud computing as an easier to manage, lower cost alternative to traditional computing, while global enterprises often seek the accessibility of cloud computing as they seek to support a geographically dispersed workforce," the survey said.

Onlinetech.com said that, with cloud computing data recovery, businesses get a faster and much more cost effective solution. Companies don't have to worry as much about losing data since it will be stored well and not on their premises.