Moving to cloud computing has been a popular trend, but many have wondered how big it will grow. VentureBeat wanted to see the current state of the, so it asked technology executives at companies with at least 250 employees questions on the cloud and found that they are currently making a push toward cloud functionality, with the main reasons being cost control and reduction, along with agility in deployment.

"What cloud providers need to do to win over the next wave of customers seems clear: Ensure the security and reliability of services, facilitate integration and migration of existing apps, and provide assurances that customers will be able to move their apps and data elsewhere if need be," Dylan Tweney writes on VentureBeat.

The survey showed that management of the environment in the cloud might be one of the next big things, and businesses will be looking to vendors that can provide strong security. There will also be many executives watching what kind of regulations come into play in the general cloud computing industry.

A Gartner survey from the beginning of 2011 shows that CIOs are on the whole expected to implement cloud computing faster than many predicted. The survey showed 3 percent of CIOs run the majority of their IT in the cloud, but this is expected to increase to 43 percent in the next four years.