Previously perceived as a technology resource just for larger companies with more complex IT requirements - and more of an IT budget - private cloud computing deployments, in which companies implement a cloud solution within their own firewall, are gaining in popularity among small and midsize businesses as well.

Yet when setting up a private cloud computing deployment, there are many things for organizations to consider in order for the deployment to be as successful as possible, reported

First, businesses should assess what kinds of workloads will be running in the private clouds, from CPU cycles and RAM consumption to storage space, the article said.

Businesses are also encouraged to have a "solid image lifecycle management plan in place from the start," to avoid sprawl issues.

And since any IT deployment is only as successful as its adoption rate, organizations should take care to ensure the best initial end-user experience possible. "Your users will quickly become champions or detractors, so it is crucial to the success of the private cloud project to plan your initial end-user experience adequately," reported.

In addition to its security benefits, many organizations are using private cloud deployments as a way to get their feet wet before jumping into the private cloud - Novell president and CEO Ron Hovsepian recently wrote in an article for Forbes that private cloud deployments can be a great first step for businesses cautious about cloud computing.

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