A fellowship position at Harvard University awaits U.S. CIO Vivek Kundra, who will soon be stepping down from his post. However, before his exit, Kundra made a speech reported on by Comptuerworld, which discussed a few IT concerns that federal agencies need to account for after his departure.

Organizations would do well to adopt the cloud, as doing so can save on IT resources and expenses, said Kundra, according to the report. Additionally, agencies may only be able to realize the benefits delivered by the system by migrating multiple data set to a aggregated web hosting service.

A pressing concern for many companies and federal agencies will be data security in a world in which hacking attempts are growing more numerous. Kundra stated that this aspect of IT is of tantamount importance.

"I think the privacy implications are very, very serious," Kundra told the media organization. "From a national security perspective what we've done is we've made sure that the NSC [National Security Council] is involved as we're vetting some of these critical data sets."

Companies looking for a security boost for their IT infrastructure may consider a Secure Socket Layer, reported Symantec. Due to the extensive protection offered by SSL, the security system may be ideal or large organizations and federal agencies.