Cloud computing's popularity may be increasing among businesses, according to CompTIA's Second Annual Trends in Cloud Computing study.

The survey of 500 IT and business professionals in the United States shows that 56 percent of businesses will increase their cloud computing budget by 10 percent or more over the next 12 months.

Seth Robinson, director of technology analysis at CompTIA, said the additional investment will likely be accompanied by greater complexity in the overall cloud strategy, such as adopting more advance services or moving to a hybrid cloud.

”Organizations may begin exploring options such as Infrastructure as a Service and Platform as a Service, which will allow them to experiment with custom application development," Robinson said.

About 21 percent of companies surveyed said they have lines of business that pursue cloud computing independently of the IT department, meaning that individual business groups and units are seeing more of the benefits of cloud computing. Robinson said that while the cloud is easy to use, businesses should start their use of the cloud in the IT department, as there would be more awareness and less chance for a data leak.