The IT industry may need to go on the offensive for better security, RSA executive chairman Art Coviello said on Feb. 28 at the annual RSA Conference. He said since the RSA experienced a breach, it has learned from the incident and made changes to help improve cloud computing and IT security.

“We are sharing and using them to drive strategy and investments and our product roadmap," Coviello told the crowd at the opening speech of the RSA Conference, according to the Register. "We hope the attacks on us will strengthen the urgency and resolve of everyone because we are not alone - we've never witnessed so many attacks by hackers.”

GCN said Coviello wanted intelligence driven security systems to leverage a large amount of security data so there could be more proactive defense against breaches. This way, businesses would be better able to see breaches coming before they happen so they can be stopped.

Scott Charney, Microsoft's corporate vice president of trustworthy computing, said at the event cloud computing could be a big help in gathering information to help heighten security across IT departments.