Cloud computing solutions have been making some noise across industries in recent years, but a lot of that has been falsities, myths and lies about what cloud based services are and what effect they can have on companies. Data Center Knowledge said a recent white paper by HP called Five Myths of Cloud Computing said some of the most prominent myths include the idea that the public cloud is more expensive, that taking virtualization baby steps is the only way to reach the cloud and that critical applications do not belong there. These are all untrue, as each company needs to figure out which area of cloud computing services can work well for its unique needs.

Other myths from the white paper include the idea that all clouds are created equally and that there is only one way to correctly utilize the technology. On the contrary; much of how the cloud is used will be up to each business.

"Remember, the cloud is a vast, diverse, model which can accommodate many different types of organizations," the news source said. "Whether it's a private, public, hybrid or community cloud – there may be a fit for your organization. Still, without full understanding [of] the cloud model, it's easy to be confused by so many different types of offerings."

Another big myth, according to InformationWeek, is that cloud based services are not safe. The website said compared with the average data center, cloud computing solutions have more steps involved in security and are more heavily monitored.