Cloud computing solutions have been heavily adopted across many industries in the past few years, but the reasoning hasn't always been clear for every company. ITWeb Surveys released some results from its recent Cloud Computing Survey 2012, which found that 40 percent moved to cloud based services to help reduce costs. Just over 32.5 percent used the cloud to simplify IT and 34.7 use it to move IT operators outside the business.

"According to the survey 32.63 percent rated avoiding high start-up investment as one of the key drivers to adopting cloud technologies, 31.58 percent cited the need for standardized and optimized infrastructure, and 26.32 percent said lack of resources of skills for IT infrastructure management," according to the news source.

Other numbers show:
- About 75.8 percent said when first looking at the cloud, the initial thought was to evaluate cloud mail, 64.2 percent said web services and 51.6 said file servers
- Just over 32.5 percent of organizations would consider the hybrid cloud
- 41 percent see the high availability and multiple locations of the cloud as being a pivotal reason why it is adopted

TechTarget said when looking at the public cloud based services available, businesses should be searching for a new manager to help make sure data and other sensitive information is kept as safe as possible.