Investors are starting to love cloud computing solutions more by the day, as VentureBeat reported that many startup cloud based services organizations are starting to draw in more cash. One organization, for example, raised $76 million in the first round of funding as a mobile eCommerce company.

Another organization, which provides data storage products at a low cost, raised $55 million in its fourth round, according to the news source.

According to a post from earlier this year by Forbes contributor Joe McKendrick, 62 percent of respondents in an industry survey either agreed in part or in full with the statement "cloud computing is a key factor in the recent boom of entrepreneurs and startups." This came from a report from the Manchester Business School, which noted that 43 percent of respondents had started their businesses in the last three years and 52 percent said they would not have been able to afford on-premise tools.

"The result is we'll see more extremely lightweight businesses on the scene, powered by applications running in someone else's data center," according to McKendrick, adding that it appears as though cloud based services will be a powerful tool for larger organizations as well moving forward.