Although a recent report by the International Data Corporation showed that there are many cloud computing jobs open and even more to come, the workforce and their skill level may not be able to adequately fill these openings. Enterprise network management can help companies that want cloud expertise but haven't had much luck finding quality employees.

IDC reported that one in four IT positions are currently not occupied, with 28 percent of those being cloud related jobs. An estimated 1.7 million cloud jobs are open right now and there will be 7 million across the world by 2015.

"This says something about the worldwide IT economy that's really interesting," said Cushing Anderson, vice president of IDC. "There are a lot of positions available, up to 1.7 million jobs worldwide, and there are far fewer than 1.7 million people who are currently skilled to take these positions."

Anderson said this skills gap is unique and will be challenging to solve, as the cloud brings with it a need for a whole new set of skills which have not been needed in the past. Businesses having a hard time finding qualified workers may want to look to a provider for their cloud computing solutions.