Seventy-one percent of small- and medium-sized businesses have implemented mobility as part of their plans to make their employees more productive in and out of the office, according to research from

While cloud computing has enabled companies implement enterprise-class solutions at greatly reduced cost, mobility allows organizations to communicate and control data from any location. Pairing the technologies essentially allows for a seamless transition from the stationary operation that many SMBs formerly dealt with to the agile model trumpeted by modern experts.

"What is a surprise is how much more successful those business owners are who can be rightly called mobile professionals," J. Jennings Moss,’s editor, said in a press release. "This tech-savvy group is spending more time doing business outside of a traditional office by staying connected via smartphones or tablets, and are already looking ahead to the next step - cloud computing."

The value of cloud computing to businesses is expected to continue its upward trend over the next decade. According to market research firm Forrester, the cloud market will be worth $240 billion by 2020.