A recent survey performed by Juniper Research anticipates a substantial growth in the mobile application market, expecting an 88 percent growth between 2008 and 2014.

A similar study, performed earlier this year by ABI research, focused on mobile application development. According to ABI, cloud computing has the potential to completely revise how developers deploy applications, creating a booming market for mobile apps.

What all of this means, essentially, is that cloud computing could ease the delivery and creation of applications for mobile devices, further cementing their role in the enterprise and diminishing the need for traditional desktop computers.

John Barnes, CTO of an App development company, told CIO.com "one advantage of these cloud platforms is you can synch from the mobile device to the cloud without intermediate servers or a VPN."

Overall, the combination of the cloud and sophisticated mobile devices is creating an environment in which businesses can create and acquire SaaS solutions to industry-specific problems. This, in turn, improves efficiency and productivity, providing IT with more time to create other improved software solutions.

SearchCloudComputing.com reports that the cloud is completely changing application deployment, allowing IT departments to improve their outsourcing procedures and reduce costs. With improved applications and deployment services, the cloud is changing how businesses adjust to technology.