While many businesses have seen the cost and efficiency benefits of adopting cloud computing for one, many, or all applications at a business, eWeek said many companies have a lack of understanding and information about the platform. This may hurt adoption at many companies, which could find benefits in the cloud.

“Not understanding the cloud is holding them back,” said Connie Arentson, president of Heartland Technology Solutions. “The fact is they’ve got their infrastructure in-house with all their data on it. There’s a security in knowing where it’s at and having it there.”

Greg Onoprijenko, president of e-ternity Business Continuity Consultants, agrees with that assessment, adding that education is a big piece of moving into the cloud because people are still trying to learn how to work the technology. He said he spends a lot of time educating customer and clearing up cloud misconceptions.

Dan Berthiaume writes on Talkin Cloud that the hybrid cloud computing platform has a lot of misunderstandings and confusing surrounding it. He said this model of the cloud, in reality, can help companies save one-third of what they would pay for other similar methods.