Software giant Microsoft has asked Congress to update the Electronic Communications Privacy Act to include rules and requirements of cloud computing vendors, according to the Washington Post. The company's goal with its request is to provide a framework for it to alter its SaaS applications before the system grows to the point where it has to make large-scale adjustments, and also to protect the desktop security of its company and users.

Microsoft general counsel Brad Smith believes that the government cannot wait too long to pass regulation regarding cloud computing as companies like itself, Twitter and Google continue to increase their operations within the cloud.

Cloud computing companies also want federal law makers to increase the gravity of punishments for cyber crime to deter hackers from compromising the security of clouds that contain sensitive information.

Former chairman of the Federal Communications Commission Michael Powell believes that the current FCC is not developing good regulations for cloud computing and that the industry will suffer down the road if it does not address these concerns quickly.

American companies are not the only cloud residents looking for some regulations. Three hundred international cyber law experts gathered in Strasbourg, France last week to discuss cloud computing and call for the development of regulations. ADNFCR-2553-ID-19695485-ADNFCR