With cloud computing making its way into many industries, the health industry has steered somewhat clear of the technology, but a new poll by Healthcare IT News said that may soon be changing, as 48 percent of organizations said they plan on implementing cloud computing and 33 percent said they are already using it.

"Cloud computing has quickly made inroads in the health IT space. It is an effective data storage method and helps facilitate exchange between providers," the website said. "Only 19 percent of respondents indicated they are not going for the cloud. Security issues surrounding cloud computing might be one reason why some providers are not adopting the technology."

ITWire spoke with Sash Mukherjee, a senior market analyst for IDC Health Insights for the Asia-Pacific region, said healthcare companies in that region are starting to look at cloud implementation beyond short-term benefits.

Mukherjee said the healthcare industry is "waking up to the benefits of cloud architectures" for solving human resources issues and planning for business goals. Cloud computing may soon be more widespread in the healthcare industry than expected.