There's some strong optimism growing among those in the cloud computing community, according to new research from Dimensional Research. The company's research shows that 92 percent of IT executives and CIOs say cloud computing is good for business and 67 percent said they believe it will help IT deliver better systems for less. Another 62 percent said SaaS applications give business stakeholders more ownership of applications.

"Businesses are investing heavily in cloud computing today," said Diane Hagglund, senior research analyst for Dimensional Research and the study's author. "Our research reveals high optimism and expectations among CIOs and IT executives for cloud adoption and value, but also hurdles including the anticipation that IT will end up operating cloud applications bought by other areas of the business and without input from IT."

Hagglund said that in overcoming hurdles to adopt the cloud, good communication must be in place. Companies must be willing to discuss how the cloud will be implemented and adopted, and have plans in place in case something needs to be altered.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology said U.S. governmental agencies looking to move into a cloud computing solution should have strategic and tactical requirements as well as security standards and guidelines in place before adoption.