Cloud computing services and solutions have been helping businesses become more efficient and save money over the past few years, but what about down the line? Business 2 Community looked at some ways the industry could change by 2020, a year in which Forrester Research said the cloud will be worth $150 billion. The news source said the first three ways the cloud is changing will be via software, with more applications built via SaaS, more applications available and more social software.

"[Social software is] where future enterprise applications may take on traits found in applications like Facebook, with programs automatically forming associations with hardware and software as needed," the website said.

Other changes will include less expensive and more commoditized computing by 2020, a new generation of CIOs who know all of the ins and outs of cloud computing and a new kind of data center that will run more quickly than current centers do, Business 2 Community said.

With the move toward social cloud-based services, one professional told ZDNet that the infrastructure and software of a data center will form itself around the tasks required rather than the other way around, so developers will not have to worry about servers, switches and provisioning storage.