As federal agencies move towards the cloud, they seek guidelines detailing best practices for system integrations. Recently, The TechAmerica Foundation released its Commission on the Leadership Opportunity in U.S. Deployment of the Cloud (CLOUD2) publication, which is intended to help governmental organizations migrate to the platform in an efficient manner.

The document, which is a set of recommendations from some of the IT industry's leading experts and executives, will hopefully speed up cloud adoption rates in federal agencies, announced the foundation. Additionally, a buyer's guide will be included in the publication, which may help governmental organizations when deciding which virtual offering would best suit their mission-critical needs.

The reason for the extra push to the cloud, according to Michael Capellas, CEO of VCE and commission member, is to preserve the United States' global lead when it comes to platform utilization.

Companies looking for a complete integration with the cloud and other legacy systems have a host of guidelines they can refer to. Recently, research firm TDWI put out its What Works for Data Integration publication to streamline this process.