According to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, the cloud’s proliferation will hinge on how federal governments greet the new platform.

Hosting a panel of industry experts, ABC reporter Michael Atkins recently held a forum on cloud computing. The benefits of the platform were discussed, though most of the conversations hinged on critical improvements that may need to be made to the platform.

Some experts claim that the demands on the system by the government and the computing industry may clash.

"The real problem that you have if you do start to become prescriptive with a legislative approach to how you want things done, is that the industry will say, okay, that's all too hard, we're going to deliver these services in a way that makes that legislation redundant," said Matthew Sorell, a research director at Adelaide University, in his interview with Atkins.

Theses issues may need to be resolved quickly, as the cloud may soon be integrated into governments worldwide. According to Reuters, the European Union is exploring the cloud due to its potential to reduce costs. Because the body encompasses several sovereign nations, its cloud policy may need to be very concise.