Companies hesitant to transport their business-critical data to virtual space may consider hosting a private cloud, according to a new report by SANpulse. The issue of security may dissuade many of these companies from adopting a public platform.

However, the report claimed, during the integration process security measures and monitoring tools for the cloud are absolutely critical, warning that improper practices and poor system connections can lead to data loss. This prospect is a central concern for larger companies and has prompted many of them to shy away from a public cloud service.

Additionally, the nature of the information stored in virtual space is an equally important consideration to go along with integration efficiency.

"It is essential to find solutions that can facilitate capturing the correct information and provide the ability to drive decisions through process automation,” Peter Mehta, Sanpulse's CEO, wrote in the report.

Integration is ideally a combination of security concerns and the proper use of cloud benefits. According to Computerworld, if a business goes overboard on security measures or does not correctly pair legacy systems with the new computing architecture, then slow data exchange rates may occur once the cloud is up an running.