With $100,000 in funding, two doctorate candidates at Indiana University Bloomington's School of informatics and Computing will look to study cloud computing and bioinformatics. The funding came from Persistent Systems, and each student will get half of the total to fund the work in their field.

"We are delighted to deepen our relationship with Persistent Systems and leverage the company's vast experience and expertise in informatics and life sciences," said SOIC Dean Bobby Schnabel. "Working with a global leader like Persistent Systems helps us to combine our research with important applications."

One student will research the use of the cloud in supporting scientific roles, focusing on a novel programming environment for scientific applications in the cloud. The other student will focus on studying glycopeptides and their use in biomarker discovery and disease prognosis. The university said the school is looking forward to learning more about these disruptive technologies and hope the research can make a significant impact.

Back in November, the University of Texas at Austin said it was starting up a research center for cloud computing on campus with an aim to further the state of the art technology. With these universities studying the cloud, there could be some interesting developments in the next few years.