With more enterprises opting for a cloud computing solution these days, they need to start considering how security can work for them. A guide by Network World said companies should start by dealing with issues pertaining to virtual machine security.

"Customers going into the public cloud need to understand that perimeter security - while it still needs to be in place in any virtual data center environment - isn’t going to help with the internal security of virtual machines," Network World said.

The article said companies need to figure out a way to lock down endpoints like smartphones and tablet computers to have successful cloud security. Mobile device management through cloud computing may be one great way to do this, as it will help keep control of the flow of information through these devices.

Other tips from Network World include pushing security in the service level agreement with the cloud provider and always acting quickly if there is any kind of breach or problem that is found in the cloud.

EWeek said one way to make sure cloud computing is secure is to actively monitor it. This can be done by a service provider or by a security expert within the business.