A recent study by NTT Europe found that 56 percent of CIOs and senior IT leaders see their own systems as the biggest tripping point to adoption of cloud based services. This is definitely a positive change in the industry, as issues such as security were previously seen as the largest barriers. The report, which was completed in the U.K., found 59 percent of CIOs and IT leaders said aligning business and IT strategies is currently their No. 1 priority.

Statistics from this report showed:
- 53 percent said launching new services and applications more quickly is what their business units are looking for in the cloud
- 60 percent believe providers may not appreciate or know how complex their company's IT system is and how the cloud migration could fail due to that
- 68 percent have only had cloud based services in place for two years or less
- 46 percent agree that the cloud can be a great enabler of bring your own device policy adoption

Wall Street Journal editor Michael Hickins said companies that embrace cloud based services as a way to foster better innovation will likely see a competitive advantage over other businesses.