According to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, how the government enacts legislation on the cloud is set to become one of the main issues the platform faces as it moves forward.
Recently, reporter Michael Atkins hosted a think-tank of cloud industry experts, all of whom discussed different aspects of virtualized data. However, while there was marked variation between the views of different individuals, it became clear that most felt that the governments will play a large role in determining the platform's future.

One expert, Colin Jacobs, chose to focus on the security and data protection issues that will likely be addressed by governments moving to the cloud.

"We're often focusing on the privacy impacts of these new technologies, for instance, what can happen if there's a breach, what can happen if there's a leak and those are all legitimate concerns, but there is massive benefit as well and we can't end up in a situation where the law is stifling innovation," he said in his interview with Atkins.

According to Windows IT Pro, the U.S. federal government is actively involved in making its agencies ready to receive the cloud.