In a recent interview with Entrepreneur, Jonathan Rochelle, creator of the popular Google Docs cloud software suite, argued that application-to-application integration is crucial for successful implementation of cloud computing solutions.

Rochelle told Entrepreneur businesses looking to adopt cloud computing would do well to look to other companies that are already using proven cloud-based solutions.

In addition, Rochelle said compatibility between applications is critical. "Don't use combinations of programs that don't fit well together," he said. "So, where you can, you want to stick with a single company that offers most of what you are looking for."

Rochelle also argued that it often makes more sense to adjust company processes to match software than the other way around. "If you are willing to change your process just a bit to match a technology that's trusted and credible and working, you can save a lot of money," he said.

Google Docs, for which Rochelle is product manager, began as a web-based spreadsheet application created by Rochelle and sold to Google in 2005. In addition to his work with the cloud-based suite, Rochelle is an advisor for Google's startup acquisition process.