Although many have tried to make cloud computing and cloud based productivity tools to be more complex, Ken Hardin said on ITBusinessEdge's blog that he believes the cloud is simpler than most people would think.

Hardin said companies will make the jump to the cloud and should read US-CERT's report titled The Basics of Cloud Computing, which he said makes it simple to define the cloud and what it does.

The report by US-CERT said cloud computing is a "a subscription-based service where you can obtain networked storage space and computer resources." It also gives the differences between different types of the cloud, including a private cloud, which can be accessed by the internet through a subscriber and the private cloud, which gives limits to an organization. It also explains a community cloud, or a shared among groups that have the same or similar requirements, and the hybrid cloud, or one that combines at least two of the aforementioned types of the cloud.

American Express' Open Forum blog said those getting started in any cloud computing service, including cloud-based email, should do their research and not be naive about it. The blog said to remember to check what a provider will give and ask questions.