While cloud computing is not well understood by many, according to CRN.com's Jennifer Bosavage, it remains one of the fastest growing technologies. She said companies looking to make their way into the cloud need to keep their customers safe.

"One of the critical aspects to encryption is key management: Who has access, and where and how are they stored are top concerns," Bosavage said. "If your expertise is not encryption, partner with a vendor that can train you, or with another solution provider."

Bosavage quotes Jerry Irvine, CIO of Prescient Solutions, said that encryption keys could be managed by the cloud provider, which would make it possible for devices or internal users. He said a clear policy of who has access to what files are vital to protect information on the cloud.

According to Bosavage, those who are looking into this option need to select a vendor who is able to protect customers, ask about security and compliance issues and research the partner to make sure they can meet the company's needs.

Geoff Webb said on his CRN blog that to have better security in the cloud, companies should encrypt the virtual machines and the data stored on them in an effort to have customers of cloud computing take control of their own information.