The Industrial Revolution was a turning point in history. Instead of manufacturing performed strictly by manual labor, new technology, machines and processes drastically improved efficiency and propelled industries to an unprecedented level of innovation. Now, some 250 years later, cloud computing solutions could spur the next industrial revolution.

Today, in one way or another, the cloud has had some impact on both consumers and businesses. It possess the same industry-altering potential that the Industrial Revolution generated, according to All Things Digital contributor Robert Jenkins. While the current market for computing resources is relatively sparse and inefficient, managed service providers and cloud solutions are destined to change the way businesses in all industries drive innovation.

Cloud services help lay the foundation for innovation, whether it's related to security or creative business applications. The cloud is a powerful delivery system for extensive computing resources. As it evolves, every industry from oil to financial and healthcare will benefit from its maturing capabilities. Managed service providers that are knowledgeable and can offer cutting-edge solutions will stand out in the marketplace as technology increasingly makes legacy IT infrastructure unreliable and insecure.

"The financial services and healthcare industries, for instance, rely heavily on ultra-secure data transfers to protect sensitive information that could potentially be targeted by hackers," Jenkins stated. "For them, a provider offering innovative private patching technology would be an ideal partner."

Industries will become much more reliant on robust computing resources, and cloud services pave the way for global economic growth and further advancement in nearly all aspects of business.

The cloud security market
According to a recent Gartner press release, the cloud-based security market is expected to increase from $2.1 billion in 2013 to $3.1 billion in 2015. While the anticipated growth is projected to remain strong, the report noted revenue opportunities will vary by sector.

"The cloud-based security market remains a viable one, offering providers many opportunities for expansion," said Gartner research director Ruggero Contu. "Encryption will be a new area of growth, but it remains a complex activity. The strongest interest will be in encryption products from cloud security brokers, which are relatively easy to deploy and have options for on-premises encryption management."

Additionally, Gartner predicted that the top three cloud services that will continue to enjoy the greatest demand are email security, web security services and identity and access management. Cloud-based security-as-a-service offerings are expected to see a surge in popularity as enterprises gain more experience with software as a service and consumer-grade technology that has been made available due to growing trends such as bring your own device.