When companies start looking into cloud computing solutions, they should realize that the technology can be helpful but organizations should avoid adopting it for the wrong reasons. Justin Crotty, an IT professional, wrote on Channelnomics that companies should focus on why the cloud will be useful rather than going into it just to follow trends

"Enterprises have been dabbling with cloud computing and IT outsourcing services for years," Crotty said. "Many have reached the point where they’re either comfortable with the functionality and reliability, or see that the economic benefits certainly outweigh the potential risks. This move to mainstream acceptance of cloud and IT outsourcing marks a significant evolution from 'the dev/test period' to the 'mission-critical era' and brings a great opportunity to the channel."

Crotty wrote that companies are starting to increase the amount of money being put into the cloud, but they may not be quite ready to handle it yet. When adopting cloud based services, businesses need to be aware of what policies and infrastructure they will need in place to effectively integrate cloud solutions into the business.

Data Knowledge Center said companies can find some great positives about cloud computing solutions, especially if they want to lower costs or increase the flexibility of technology. With cloud computing, staff can access technology from home, on the road or anywhere, allowing for much more freedom and employee satisfaction.