One outsourcing company believes that cloud computing will play an extremely important role in 2012. Logica CIO David King called the cloud "the railway of the 21st century," saying just as the railways made it easy to move around the country, the cloud will make it easier for companies to share information across the world.

"We've been talking about cloud now for three or four years. Everybody gets the technology end of things, and we're also starting to the agility side of things," said Mark Ferrar, Microsoft U.K.'s national technology office, Techworld reported, adding  that there are new business models forming and new ways to deliver the cloud to the public sector by the sharing of information.

King said more companies should start making use of the technology, as it has matured a lot in the last few years and will allow information from different parts of the world to come together with ease.

For those worried about security, Informationweek believes that there will be vast improvements in cloud computing security in 2012. For many companies, using the cloud is already far more secure than their previous systems.