In an article for Network World, cloud computing experts Steve Taylor and Jim Metzler state that while there are numerous definitions of cloud computing and limitless capability, the only goal of it is to provide IT services at a lower cost.

Data storage is one of the business and academic worlds' greatest expenses. These organizations produce vast amounts of information through their work. While removing some data from storage systems will dilute the system, keeping track of experiments and research, no matter how old, is crucial to true advancement.

The data can be stored on cloud computing platforms for a far lower cost, financially and environmentally speaking, than traditional in-house IT systems.

"In the current environment, almost every component of IT can be virtualized. This certainly includes servers, desktops, applications, storage, network switches and routers," wrote Taylor and Metzler.

In February, the National Science Foundation and National Cancer Institute announced initiatives along with partners to develop databases for storing scientific data that allow researchers to share information on a virtualized platform.ADNFCR-2553-ID-19641526-ADNFCR