As far as Alan Priestley, strategic marketing director of EMEA, is concerned, 2012 will be the year of cloud computing. He writes on ZDnet that the cloud barriers companies faced last year should dissipate, resulting in more widespread adoption of the technology.

Priestley talks about the beginning of internet banking in the U.K., which started 15 years ago. He said a lot of people were very nervous about it then, but the IT industry showed that it could solve the security problem, and he believes cloud computing will prove the same thing.

"There’s a lot of fear of the dark, but technology solutions already out there, and those in development, can provide the appropriate light," Priestley said, adding that the Open Data Center Alliance is looking to resolve any issues that do currently exist with the cloud.

According to Forrester's U.S. Tech Market Outlook for this year, published in December 2011, cloud computing is expected to increase by 23 percent for the four major vendors and 24 percent each quarter until the year's end. This should show that people are gaining more faith in the year of the cloud.